Playing it safe: road safety

Playing it Safe: Road Safety is a fun way of learning about staying safe on the roads.

Our brief was to create an app to help 3-11 year olds learn more about road safety through playing fun mini-games.

Kids choose their character and then look after them as they explore the world.

In Be Bright, Be Seen they keep their character safe by dressing them in clothes and accessories that help them to be seen by motorists. In Safer Crossing, kids must choose the right place and time to get their character across the road safely.

They can also test their knowledge in a beat the clock quiz and try the addictive traffic lights game to learn the light sequence.

There’s also plenty of great tips and advice for parents to make sure the connection is made between the lessons from the games and the real-life dangers on the road.

We teamed up with e-learning specialists DESQ to create the App, which was funded by SWWITCH (South West Wales Integrated Transport Consortium).

You can choose to play in English or Welsh.

Playing it Safe: Road Safety is available now on Google Play and iTunes.